NH -16, Hanumanthavaka Junction, Visakhapatnam – 530 040, AP., India

Outpatient Department

OPD timings 9-00 AM to 01-00 PM and
03-00PM to 04-00 on all days.

Emergency cases will be attended 24 (x) 7.

Inpatient services are being added on every day.

Dr. YSR Aarogyasri, Employees Health Scheme, Working Journalists Health Scheme, Central Government Health Scheme services are also available.

VIMS Hospital belongs to all of us. The doctors, nurses and other staff here are available to help you through your difficult times.

How should you get treatment?

If the person is in a life-threatening condition, he should first be taken to the EMD/Casualty Department for emergency treatment.

General patients buy an OP ticket at the 1st counter and enter the number on the OP ticket to which OP to go to if you are sick. This medicine form is also given to the medicines which are given free in the hospital. The concerned specialist doctor will treat you in that OP.
The specialist doctor checks the patient and immediately prescribes medicines if necessary. Those medicines are also written in this medicine form. If you catch it and then go to the pharmacy in the building, they will give you medicine.
If the patient needs blood tests or scanning tests, the doctor will prescribe them. If you take those test papers to the Path Care located in the opposite building, they will be done at a low cost. The test taluka reports will be given after few hours or tomorrow. If you take the report to the doctor who wrote the check-ups, they will prescribe appropriate medicines. If any operation is required, it will be told.
Should you join hospitals?
If the patient needs to join the hospital, they will tell you and write that in the OP card. Hold that card and pay the appropriate fee in room number one and join the ward in the opposite building.
Dr. Treatment is free in YSR Arogyasree. All others are treated at very low cost.
Let’s protect our hospital doctors, nurses and other staff from anti-social forces.

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