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Eemployee Health Scheme

Visakha Institute of Medical Science (VIMS) in Visakhapatnam offers an Employee Health Scheme (EHS) to provide comprehensive healthcare services to eligible employees and their dependent family members. The EHS is designed to ensure the well-being of employees and their families by offering them access to quality medical care. Here’s an overview of the Employee Health Scheme at VIMS:

1. Eligibility: The Employee Health Scheme is available to employees working in designated government departments, corporations, autonomous bodies, and public sector undertakings in the state. Eligible employees can enroll themselves and their dependent family members, including spouse, children, and parents, in the scheme.

2. Medical Coverage: Under the Employee Health Scheme, enrolled individuals and their dependents can avail themselves of a wide range of healthcare services at VIMS. The scheme covers expenses related to hospitalization, treatment, surgeries, diagnostic tests, medications, and follow-up consultations, among others.

3. Cashless Treatment: The Employee Health Scheme operates on a cashless basis, which means that enrolled individuals can receive treatment at VIMS without having to pay upfront. The scheme takes care of the medical expenses directly with the hospital, ensuring a hassle-free and convenient healthcare experience for the beneficiaries.

4. Network Hospitals: VIMS has established a network of empanelled hospitals and healthcare providers across Visakhapatnam and surrounding areas. Enrolled individuals can choose to receive treatment at these network hospitals, which have partnered with VIMS under the Employee Health Scheme. This allows for wider accessibility and ensures that beneficiaries can receive care closer to their residence or workplace.

5. Comprehensive Healthcare Services: The Employee Health Scheme at VIMS covers a wide range of medical services, including consultations with specialist doctors, diagnostic tests (such as laboratory investigations and imaging studies), surgeries, inpatient care, emergency services, and post-treatment follow-up. The scheme aims to provide holistic healthcare services to meet the diverse needs of the beneficiaries.

6. Seamless Coordination: VIMS works closely with the Employee Health Scheme beneficiaries to ensure seamless coordination and facilitate smooth healthcare experiences. The hospital’s dedicated team assists enrolled individuals in scheduling appointments, coordinating with healthcare providers, managing medical records, and addressing any queries or concerns related to the scheme.

7. Quality Healthcare: As a reputed medical institution, VIMS is committed to delivering high-quality healthcare services to all beneficiaries of the Employee Health Scheme. The hospital maintains stringent quality standards, follows evidence-based practices, and employs qualified healthcare professionals to provide the best possible care to the beneficiaries.

The Employee Health Scheme at VIMS aims to provide accessible and affordable healthcare to eligible employees and their families. By offering cashless treatment, a network of empanelled hospitals, and comprehensive medical coverage, the scheme ensures that beneficiaries can receive timely and quality healthcare services when needed.

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